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Who is JaeMeez?

JaeMeez has crafted a sound that can be described best as his blend of HipHop/Rab/R&B vocals with a twist of influence from some of his favorite genres like; Rock, Funk, Jazz when it comes to sound selection. When it comes to JaeMeez's lyrics, there is an endless amount of creativity from lyrical, thought inspiring lyrics to wavy melodies that leave you floating and careless. Inspired by some of the legends in the game, JaeMeez aims to someday be called one of the greats himself. The goal is to “make everything easy.” The journey can get difficult, but there is no doubt in JaeMeez's mind that music makes it a little easier.

What happens when your truth is shattered? Can you decipher the hidden messages and notice the difference between real and fake in this world of illusion? Or will you allow the corruption to take hold and conquer?

Shot by Pat Banahan

Directed by JaeMeez

Music from: WILDFIRE - EP by JaeMeez Supporting roles: CJ Washington & Tyler Berta